/Best DIY home security system of 2019 available in the UK

Best DIY home security system of 2019 available in the UK

Everyone wants a secure home, but shopping for a home security system can be a headache, so we have put together a guide which does a lot of the leg work for you. It is no longer the case that to get a good security system you need to have it professionally installed. Alarm systems have improved dramatically over the last 5 years with some great DIY home security systems available.

One of the best systems on the market is made by a company called Simplisafe who offer a wide range of security devices which can be purchased individually or in packages. The packages are a good place to start. Their Starter kit called “The Starter” comes with the Base station which controls the system, a keypad, 1 entry sensor for the door and 1 motion sensor and 1 simplecam which can be purcahsed in the UK for around £279. This is an excellent place to start and you can add more entry sensors and motion sensors or cameras as required. This system is simple to install and use and is a great system for your home.

They also have extras which you can buy which includes  key fobs to automatically set and deactivate the alarm, Glassbreak sensors, panic buttons and 105dB sirens. You can also add smoke detectors and freeze sensors or water sensors if required.

They also offer a full refund if you are not happy with the system within 60 days. Full details can be viewed at simplisafe.co.uk 

If you do not want to fit an alarm system yourself then you could try easy security systems who are based in Cardiff who are fully approved in the installation of home and commercial security systems and cctv systems.

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