/Blocked drains are costing the UK over £100 million a year
Flood warnings and blocked drains

Blocked drains are costing the UK over £100 million a year

Blocked drains in the UK are costing over £100 million a year with the vast majority being blamed on wet wipes.

It is not however just wet wipes that are causing the problem, with people pouring cooking fat down sinks that clog pipes.

Thames Water have launched a campaign to stop wet wipes being thrown down the toilet.

If you have a blocked drain then drain doctor will be able to help you as they are the UK’s largest drainage and emergency plumbing company.

They have over 55 locations right across the UK and have been providing professional plumbing and drainage services since 1994.

Birmingham city council also stated that cars will be towed away if they block drains during Birmingham flood works, and roads will also be deep-cleaned to remove rubbish that has accumulated in gullies.

However local residents of Sparkhill  have blamed the council for failing to maintain drains and for only providing each house two sandbags when it is recommended by the Environment Agency to have between six and eight bags. A local company that was effected by the flooding said it had caused over £500,000 worth of damage, despite the fact that they had spent £50,000 previously on flood defenses.

It is vital that drains are kept clean and free from dirt especially during heavy rain.

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