/Cops grim find of Frankenstein human with womans head stitched on male torso

Cops grim find of Frankenstein human with womans head stitched on male torso

FBI agents found a sickening ‘Frankenstein’ monster made from a woman’s head sewn onto a male torso during a raid on a body donation centre.

The creation was reportedly hanging on a wall in the Biological Resource Center, in Arizona, US, and was one of several horrific scenes witnessed by investigators.

Agents also discovered a cooler filled with severed male genitalia and buckets of heads, arms and legs.

The facility used to pick up bodies from families for free, with many believing their loved ones would be used for scientific purposes.

The authorities found buckets of body parts in the US facility
(Image: WVTM13)

FBI agents were shocked by the sickening scenes inside the Biological Resource Center
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However, relatives are now suing the Biological Resource Center, claiming the bodies were not treated with respect and that they were misled, the New York Post reports.

The FBI searched the property in 2014 as part of an investigation into human body part trading and illegal trafficking.

Former FBI special agent Mark Cwynar said he ‘personally observed various unsettling scenes’, including male torsos with their limbs and genitalia removed – and body parts piled up on top of each other.

A screenshot of a training video for staff at the Biological Resource Center

The facility has been closed down
(Image: WVTM13)

Agents discovered a ‘Frankenstein’ creation inside the centre
(Image: WVTM13)

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The now-closed facility was a private company which sold body parts for profit, with prices ranging from $2,900 (£2,330) for a whole body without shoulders or a head to $375 (£301) for a knee.

Stephen Gore, owner of the Biological Resource Center, was handed a suspended one-year prison sentence for conducting an illegal business in 2015.

Gore, who broke down in tears when he pleaded guilty, was also ordered to pay $121,000 (£97,223) in compensation.

Arizona has not yet implemented a law forcing body donation companies to have a licence to operate.

The civil trial will take place at Maricopa County Superior Court on October 21.

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