/Start Here: McConnell lays out impeachment trial road map and protesters clash with police in Beirut

Start Here: McConnell lays out impeachment trial road map and protesters clash with police in Beirut

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1. Rules of the road

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Monday night released the resolution he plans to introduce on the Senate floor during President Donald Trump‘s impeachment trial today, which outlines how the trial would proceed.

ABC News’ Trish Turner explains to “Start Here” that Democrats are taking issue with the language around witnesses and evidence.

2. Drama in Davos?

As the impeachment trial continues, Trump is in Davos, Switzerland, starting Tuesday for the World Economic Forum.

ABC News’ Kyra Phillips tells “Start Here” that teen climate activist Greta Thunberg, who has sparred with Trump on social media, will also be in attendance.

3. ‘Week of Rage’

Hundreds of people were injured in Beirut over the weekend as anti-government protesters were turned back by water cannons, tear gas and rubber bullets fired by police.

Rainy conditions late Monday momentarily calmed the protest, which began three months ago as a way to spotlight economic inequality.

ABC News’ Ian Pannell tells “Start Here” that there is now a limit on how much money citizens can withdraw from banks.

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It did in the country of Georgia, where a stray did an excellent job of escorting a group of children across a busy street — even running up and barking at a car in the intersection.

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